A Little Note About Me

In the words of Humphrey Bogart- ‘We will always have Paris’, or more specifically for me, I have always had Paris.

Since being a little girl, I have dreamed of living in Paris, waking up with a view of the Eiffel Tower, as I sip my coffee and eat my freshly baked morning croissant. Parfait non?

Thrift Fashion Paris

Having recently relocated to the other side of the Channel Tunnel, my dream of the Parisian life is within touching reach.

Chic, elegant, effortless and flawless; I aspire to become one of those breath-taking ladies.

For those who know me, I am anything but the vision I wish to become. So in truth, my croissants may be 3 days old and not even the word ‘stale’ can justify their state, and my view is more like my neighbour’s kitchen than the Eiffel Tour, but I am in Paris, and being here for me, is something more amazing than I can describe, so here is my blog- ‘Little Notes from Paris’, where I will try to put all of the amazingness into words…

Thrift Fashion Paris

Peace, Love & Fashion.


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